Tsinjoarivo gold prospect

The Tsinjoarivo gold prospect is located above the Anjamanga license and covers an area of about 137.5sq. km (13750 ha). Tsinjorivo Prospect area is in an area of known gold deposits and occurrences, some of which were worked in 19th century.. Pitfield and others (2008) in the process of determining the potential for undiscovered low-sulfide gold deposits in Madagascar outlined the rocks underlying much of the project and the surrounding area as favourable with potential, the highest level of potential given in that report. This zone coincides with the outcrop pattern of the Ambatolampy Group rocks in the Antananarivo geologic terrane. TIn the Tsinjorivo area two gold deposit types were defined i.e intrusive related gold and low-sulfide gold. Alluvial gold was exploited on the Onive river in the dry season, in particular downstream of the Tsinjoarivo. The prospect also has graphite resource extension from Anjamanga in the southern side.