PR Global group holds three companies namely PR Global Mining SARL, PR Global Resources SARLU and PR Mineral Resources SARL with its base in Madagascar. The group now holds mineral licenses covering around 3000sq. km spread over central, western and southern Madagascar. The commodities covered under licenses of PR Global are gold, graphite, base metals, lithium, corundum & gemstones.

PR Global has both the Entrepreneurial drive and the access to large scale investment which it will leverage to establish enterprises related to Mining and Natural Resources that will generate employment for the local community and create prosperity for the Country.


  • Partner with the Madagascar Government in the field of Natural Resources

  • Leverage the availability of natural resources to generate employment and revenue in Madagascar

  • Contribute to the Societal development of Madagascar through the regular and innovative CSR programs

Our Team

PR Global has a mix of experienced and young professional covering all domains of Geology, Exploration, mapping, Environmental Studies, Mining, Mineral Processing , Business development etc.,

The combined team experience will be over 200 years in the field of mining.