Ambovombe - Mahatsara Lithium

The ITEA Ambovombe Lithium Prospect is located 50km by road from Ambositra town. The license covers an area of about 12.5sq. km (1250 ha). km and part of the Ambatofinandraha lithium bearing pegmatite field. ITEA Ambovombe lithium is a pegmatite deposit type hosted within the Proterozoic Marble and schist of the central Basement of Madagascar. Spodumene and lepidolite are the main mineral ore. Historical study conducted on few mines around ITEA Ambovombe prospect gave an average grade of 3.93% LiO2 for the pegmatite. The pegmatite in the area extend deeper than 50m below surface based on local Rubellite mine. PRGR is carrying out detailed mapping of all pegmatites within prospect area and rock chip sample collection and analysis.