ITEA Fenoarivo Gold

ITEA Fenoarivo Gold Prospect is located in the central highlands of Madagascar approximately 210km south of Antananarivo. The license area held by PR global covers an area of 71.88sq. km (7188 ha).

Primary gold mineralization at ITEA Fenoarivo occurs as native gold or sometimes associated with pyrite within the proterozoic the meta sediment mica schist.

Secondary deposits are observed all along the valley, river side and former river bed.

The first kilogram of gold in Madagascar was produced in 1884 in the Ambositra gold district, possibly from ITEA Fenoarivo mine area.

A horse shoe-shaped quarry with dimensions of about 130m X 60m was dug in up to 22m producing 60kg of gold. The excavation stopped at the 22m depth due to the water table and the lack of pumping equipment. The license area has been studied by various team right from 1912. Recent alluvial sampling by PR GLOBAL team show gold grade ranging from 0.2 to 3.94grams/tonne.