Ambilona Gold

Ambilona Gold Prospect is within the famous Ambositra-Antananarivo gold district in Madagascar. The prospect is located about 277km south of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, situated within the province of Fianarantsoa, district of Ambositra and within the Ivato Commune. The license covers an area of about 18.75sq. km (1875 ha).

Discovered and mined since the French colonial period, the Ambositra gold province is very famous for its gold quality. The gold mining in this area dates back to 1901.

The prospect is located within the Precambrian basement formation of the eastern Madagascar. It is characterized by Neo - Proterozoic metasedimentary rocks. Primary gold in the Ambilona area is of mesothermal and “homestake” type deposit hosted in gneiss, migmatite gneiss and schist. Eluvial and alluvial deposit are also observed within the actual stream and river bed around primary source.

PR Global has mapped gold resource of around 1.35 million ounces (41 tonnes) of gold with quick medium scale mechanised mining possibility and the prospect has scope for addition of another 3 million ounces with drilling.

PR Global Mining is currently developing the project with a plan of commencing small scale mining operation in both hard rock and soft rock deposits. The gold production will commence from the first quarter of 2022.